Heat from biomass

Biomass is a “home-made product” featuring a large amount of local value added. For these reasons and because of the facts that it is the way of enabling customers to practically and comfortably employ a renewable source of energy, biomass is in strong demand by them.

B3 ENERGIE’s strategy is of offering professional solutions by forming partnerships with players in agricultural and in forestry capable of supplying at least a portion of the requisite biomass. This has resulted in local farmers’ always playing a part in the operation of and delivery of biomass to B3 ENERGIE’s facilities. Biomass-based heat production facilities offer local forestry operations – via long-term contracts of delivery - a sensible and secure way of selling their wood offcuts, bark and byproducts from sawing.

The utilization of biomass also greatly eases the burden borne by the environment. The replacement of a large number of incineration facilities by a single, professionally managed boiler-based plant has substantially reduced emissions into the ambient air. The fact that the combustion of biomass releases precisely the amount of CO2 that the plant took in during its lifetime is why this source of energy is often deemed to be CO2-neutral

Realistic appraisals of business and environmental considerations will lead to the energy supply sector as a whole’s employing of biomass as a source of energy, with this especially applying to the generation of electricity.

The ongoing supply of biomass is a result of the close and successful working relationships set up with the region’s agricultural and forestry sector. The expansion of the capacities of biomass facilities is being set forth, causing an ongoing decline in CO2 emissions.

Our partner in the Mauthausen und Langenstein region is the Langenstein-based "Hanl Hackschnitzel". The company’s Website is http://www.hackschnitzel-hanl.at