District heating connection

The connection device consists of a pipeline connecting the main district heating grid maintained by B3 ENERGIE GMBH and the building, and of a “district heating transfer station”.

Running from the main district heating grid (1) maintained by B3 Energie, the so-called “building connecting pipeline” (2), after installation, leads to the district heating transfer station (3) maintained in the building.

District heating – transfer station

The district heating transfer station forms the heart of the heating facility. The station replaces conventional oil, natural gas or solid fuel combusting boilers. The station’s key components are its heat exchanger, its calibrated heat meter (used to precisely calculate and invoice the amount of heat consumed by the consumer) and the controls enabling the heating facility to operate thriftily and automatically. Featuring easy-to-use and state-of-the-art-technologies, the controls are set by B3 ENERGIE GmbH upon the commissioning of the facility.